"Mind Shift" proudly presents shiftedmind.eu incl MSAUDIO001

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"Mind Shift" proudly presents shiftedmind.eu incl MSAUDIO001

Post by Mind Shift official » Mon Sep 03, 2012 6:24 am

Hello and thank you for paying attention for this topic. We want to introduce you little bit what is Mind Shift and for what does it stand... Please be so kind and spend couple of minutes reading this post, and sorry in advance here is no huge amount free stuff included atm. And probably my english sucks aswell. =)

„Mind Shift“ is one big team, which consist of hardcore Drum and Bass lovers which are taking Drum and Bass more like religion than music. We are based in Estonia, and we do give a f$%k what happens on local d'n'b scene. After some discussion among ouselves we did found out that there is an enormous amount of work that has to be done. But we didn't come here to play another bunch of online heros, lets leave critics for another sort of people. The main mission of our portal „shiftedmind.eu“ is to deliver fresh news on estonian languge for bassheads of Estonia.

Next longterm target is making event series which would focus on such subgenres of d'n'b like neurofunk and darkstep/hardstep. Which should naturally make competittion with other mainstream event series taking the place right now in Estonia.

But please dont take this information as „local call to arms“. Portal has another meaning too, serve as unified platform for event promotion for estonian promoters. Offering beside advertising options, to have feedback with bassheads, option to make reports about their events through various media.

„Mkay, good for Estonia, but how does it affect us?“ you are thinking already. Here is the trick. From this year autumn we are launching freenetlabel, which should evolve into fully functional vinyl label. (Cause We are totally vinyl addict and can do nothing about it... :D) It is planned as long process , which would last for approx. three years. And even if global economy will collapse in that time, We would still sell vinyls for wheat and crude oil. So be aware of „Mind Shift Audio“ it is coming to stay.

Another thing which should wake interest in You is kick-off of the „Shiftcast“ podcast series in August of this year, which should evolve into videocasts like D&B TV is offering. So remember to keep on eye on it.

Now it is time to introduce little bit closer our team mission. I dont know how did this happened (yes compulsive liar showed up, „go away!“), but electronic music is often taken by conservative part of our society as „music for dumb youth, who want only to party“(that was little bit too rough, but lets face it – major part of society who doesnt understand electronic music think so). Raving history did begun with worldwide spread of drugs, which did lift even more down reputation of electronic music. Same time switch from post-industrial to information Society had great impact on cultural value of electronic music. Electronic music did totally overtake massive dancefloors of nightclubs, starting as underground phenomena from basements. Music software and spread of PC's did offer chance for masses to show their creativity. Internet lifted sharing of music into another hights. And as d'n'b as most complex music style to create by the humanity, it was always in front of those developments. Seems that Society still blames d'n'b in own weakness toward several problems amongst youth such as: violence, excessive usage of alcohol, use of drugs and sexual immorality. There are problems to bring for older generations message - that d'n'b is one of the modern culture engines, bringing additional value for mankind cultural legacy.

As the problem isn't in music we did take the mission to change situation, taking innovational role of socially responsible company. So in ticket prices are included 15% which would go to charity. There is almost 100% probability that receiver would be Children's Hospital Foundation. So basicly according to business plan we should be non-profit organisation and we could registrate as NGO, but we care about our state and want pay taxes to support our developing state instead so now we are in middle of registrating Ltd.

Keep it rolling and stay tuned for our shiftcast and “Mind Shift Audio” releases. If there are interested persons who share our ideas and are ready to join our global support network (with small benefits that we can offer right now) please write e-mail to: scout@shiftedmind.eu or fill feedback form on our website. If ya got tunes to share that You would like to release by our label send an e-mail to label@shiftedmind.eu or hit us on AIM (same mail adress as username).

But lets cut the crap, here is the candy
http://soundcloud.com/ms_audio/sets/msa ... t-sacred-1

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