MindCraft Films Is Seeking Artists - Video Production

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MindCraft Films Is Seeking Artists - Video Production

Post by MindCraftFilms » Tue Apr 23, 2013 6:56 pm

Hey There!

Have you ever wished to have a high quality video made to help promote and sell your music? Has your band/act ever felt unofficial because it doesn’t have any or many legit videos going around the ‘net. Or maybe you just want a video for the sake of having a video.

We can help you.

Mindcraft Films is a new company that specializes in live/event and music videos. We are a collective of young filmmakers with a ton of experience in the film/video industry that have decided to pool together in a new company so we can do more of what we love - make content for music.

As the company is only just officially starting up we are offering killer deals on live videos for a limited time. We can film up to a one hour set with a three camera set up for just $499! If you have a live gig/event that goes for longer or you would like more or less camera’s for coverage to fit your budget just discuss it with us and we’ll work out a great deal that suits you.

That includes the shoot, edit and colour grade! We also either do a live sound recording of your gig or sync up to studio recorded tracks you already have.

Alternatively, hit us up if you would like to collaborate on a music video or want to work out the best deal for other events.

You can check out our portfolio of work on our Vimeo channel at vimeo.com/mindcraftfilms
(We’re still in the process of uploading so keep an eye on it)

Please feel free to contact us at contact@mindcraftfilms.com or via mobile on 0425 334 988 if you are interested and would like to discuss further.

Look forward to hearing from you.


Oliver McGeary
T: (+61) 0425 334 988
E: oliver@mindcraftfilms.com
F: facebook.com/mindcraftfilms

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