[free mp3] Sofa Sessions Vol. 3 - Berlin Edition

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[free mp3] Sofa Sessions Vol. 3 - Berlin Edition

Post by BF Recordings » Wed Apr 18, 2012 10:53 pm

BF Rec is one year older, and like every year we release a free compilation called "Sofa Sessions" to celebrate it!
The Sofa Session is a free downloadable compilation, with tunes reaching from 2step over Breaks, Electro and Dubstep to chilled Liquid and Neurofunk.
This time its a Berlin only thing, because we think its time to push the Berlin bas(s)ed producers and show the world we have a lot of really good producers to show off :)



1. Catesby & Troy - Share Dub ft. Gaia
2. Bad Matter & Scary - Frühling in Sofia
3. DJ Met - Mood
4. Nilow - Spring
5. Shu - No Sleep At All
6. Ostpol - NUone
7. Sadhu - Please Stop
8. Luc Masera - Walk In The Dark
9. Robotic - Switch It
10. Genys - Neutrinos
11. Nursa - I Think Of You
12. Echonic - Waterfall

.rar file including artwork and all tracks as 320kbps high quality MP3
:arrow: Sofa Session Vol. 3

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