Learning an instrument ot help with production

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Learning an instrument ot help with production

Post by NateHarding » Tue May 12, 2015 3:54 pm

I recently read the Reddit AMA with deadmau5 who was asked by a newbie: "I am an aspiring producer with 0 experience and resources, but an immense love of music. What do you recommend to someone new, who wants to get into producing? "

deadmau5's response was: "piano lessons!"

Based on this advice, I took up piano lessons at Richmond Music Academy ([url]http:www.richmondmusicacademy.com.au[/url]) here in Melbourne. This helped me tremendously understand scales, chord progressions, and how to write a melody. I'm currently going for my AMEB Grade 1.

What's everyone thoughts on learning an instrument to help with production? Do you find it helps to accelerate the music writing side of things? Keen to hear your thoughts.


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