Sending vibes for a rocking beat.aid

On Jan 14, 2005 the Melbourne Beats crew along with some 700+ people raised around $17,000 for the Asia Quake & Tsunami appeal. This forum is an archive of the organisational discussion for the event.
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Sending vibes for a rocking beat.aid

Post by stovequeen »

Kia Ora

Good luck for tonight guys! I can't be there in body, but I will be there in spirit.

You have all worked incredibly hard, and as my pa said... hard work always pays off. Lets hit the $20k target!!

On a serious note, my thoughts everday are with those impacted by the tsunami ... Asia & its peeps hold a very special place in my heart....and im so stoked we are able to contribute in raising cash to help them on their way to rebuilding their lives..

Have a rocking time tonight guys, kia kaha, arohanui, Fi :)

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can't.... sleep.... too.... excited!

Post by eskay »

thanks chicken (or is that kiwi-bird? :P)

wish you could be there in body as well as spirit but alas..

thank you for your help in putting it together - you're a champ!

see you next week ;)
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Post by lynt »

Thanks Fi !!

Wish you were here to brock out with us, loads of photos and Floyd coming your way on a safe return.

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Post by mkultra »

Tis a major shame you wont be joining us tonight...

Are you getting your raffle tickets through Friday SQ or do you still want me to pick you up some...

and sk, bRb is the only chicken I know.... :D
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Post by Fents »

Biggups Fistar....EZZZZZZ!