EARTHDANCE MELBOURNE- Free Outdoor Day Festival! 27th SEP.

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EARTHDANCE MELBOURNE- Free Outdoor Day Festival! 27th SEP.

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--- Outdoor peace festival---

Now in it's 11th year, Earthdance Melbourne once again offers it's section of an incredible global peace festival. Having taken on feedback from our punters on what Earthdance means to them, its is clear that Earthdance Melbourne belongs outdoors; in the sun and on grass! This year we have taken that on board and found an amazing large grassy venue only 10 kilometers from the city!


THEME: Inner Child

This years theme focuses on children and youth issues, as well as the creative inner child within us all. The event will include a giant kids area, a youth drug and health education bus, a circus play space, games and much more. All the artwork will also revolve around this theme, from the chosen acts to the cheeky roving performers. We want to create an environment where you can express your inner child, and thus feel compassion and understanding towards the younger generation.

DONATIONS: We need your help.

Being a free event, we are relying on donations to help cover some costs and raise money for our charities. While no one gets paid to put on Earthdance, there are still many costs of putting on such a large festival. There will be areas to donate money to on the day, and we will also be setting up a pay-pal account for those who wish to donate earlier. This really helps us cover important initial costs, and pave the way for as much money as possible to go to charities. Over the past 10 years Earthdance Melbourne has raised over 80,000 dollars for it's chosen charities! Thankyou for your support!

Live/Lively Acts

SUN CONTROL SPECIES {Iboga Records} listen

THE MOLLUSK {Omelette] listen

JAMIE STEVENS {Infusion} listen

DON PEYOTE {Interchill} listen

EHSAN GELSI {Bubble and Squeak} listen

MATT KELLY {Acoustic set} listen

Plus our incredible headline band, to be announced soon. :happydance:


JOHNNY MAC {Rainbow Serpent Festival}


SIMON SLIEKER {Tribal set}

DAKINI {Omelette Records}

J-DUB {Midday Dub}

KALI {Showcasing artists from R.S.F chill floor}


- Creative kids space with games, face painting, kid’s disco, jumping castle and more!

- Huge outdoor Beer garden, with full view of the stage and the rest of the festival! Coordinated by The Good Brew Co, and featuring organic beer from local microbreweries, as well as your favorite classics!

- Magical opening and closing ceremonies- Including the Prayer for Peace, Chanting, Smudging, and children singing. Directed by Portia and Tom Cia.

- Roving and Stage performance art, as well as a circus/play space with mats, circus equipment and teachers

- Colourful Décor and installations- Directed by Katie Verey

- Huge Market Space- Food, Clothes and the amazing Umalicious stall with live Jam bands!

- Healing Oasis- Coordinated by Becca Dakini- with massage and alternative healing throughout the day.

- Live mural painting


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Re: EARTHDANCE MELBOURNE- Free Outdoor Day Festival! 27th SEP.

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