Fire Aid myspace site

The forum to discuss the upcoming event held in Melbourne to raise funds for charities currently involved with the Victorian 2006 Bushfire disasters.
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Fire Aid myspace site

Post by breaksRbest » Sun Jan 14, 2007 3:51 pm

Here is the url for the Fire Aid myspace site:

It will be updated as soon as we get some graphics and pics to work with.

Valuetime is working on some design elements at the moment and Snowie has offered to do the coding for the site and jazz it up a bit

Can everyone please send through 'I wanna be your friend coz you're so rad' requests from your myspace and add it to your top friends?

Also feel free to forward it on to any myspace addicts.

Shepherd has contact in high places at myspace, so hopefully we can get some extra exposure outta that (nudge, nudge Ben ;) )
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